JSM ProSounds

Project Overview

What is it?

JSM ProSounds is a fully responsive and modern full stack e-commerce app built with React, React Context API, Next.js, Stripe and Sanity. The app features all the functionality of an e-commerce app including a fully integrated Stripe payment processing interface.

What was the objective?

To build and deploy a fully responsive full stack e-commerce application with payments functionality, a modern design, animations, the ability to easily add and edit products on the go using a headless CMS, and a fully integrated payment processing interface such as Stripe.

Which tools were used?

Client-side: React
Server-side: Next.js
Payment Processing: Stripe
Headless CMS: Sanity
Development Environment: Node.js
Hosting: Vercel

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Key Features

Users are able to:

The UI.

Reviewing the products in the cart.

The payment processing UI.

Paying securely with Stripe's fully intergrated payment processing interface.

More Features

The app owners are able to:

Sanity Studio UI.

The app owner can add and modify their shop's products easily online via the headless CMS, Sanity Studio.

Responsive design.

The application has been responsively designed for desktops, tablets, and mobiles. Demo the app here.


Take a look at the code on GitHub here.