About Me

Hi, I'm Kevin Hughes, a budding Barcelona-based web developer with an eye for beautifully designed applications, and a raging desire to create flawless code. I am currently available for freelance, or full-time work. My previous roles have honed my client-centric skills in the quest for surpassing stakeholder satisfaction, and delivering complete, high quality services within pre-established timeframes based on the client's specific needs.

My objective is to convert my passion for coding into my profession, where I can be part of an enthusiastic, and innovative team creating awe-inspiring applications that leave users, and stakeholders, much more than satisfied.

When I am not coding, I love to check out freshly ground coffee from all around the world, in fact my favourite type is the Red Caturra bean from Rwanda. I once tried the most expensive coffee in the world, kopi luwak, in Indonesia. I won't tell you how it is fermented!

I get inspiration from listening to my collection of Jazz, Funk, and Disco records, DJing at Jazz festivals, and producing music. I love music technology in general, and I have lots of equipment such as a Moog synthesiser, a sampler, and other fantastic midi tools.

I also love international cuisine, and trying out new, exciting, and scrumptious recipes at home. I especially like Asian, and Mediterranean dishes. This is a wonderful chickpea, red pepper, and cabbage soup I made with homemade stock. Yum, tasty!