Project Overview

What is it?

ChitChat is a native mobile application built using React Native. It is a messenging service app that is not dissimilar from WhatsApp given that the user can send and receive text messages, photos taken with the phone's camera, images or photos from the phone's storage, and share the user's location.

What was the objective?

To build a chat app for mobile devices using React Native, and, as part of the CareerFoundry Web Development course.

Which tools were used?

Server-side: Google Firestore Database, Google Firebase
Client-side: React Native, Gifted Chat library
Development Environment:

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User Stories

Key Features

Screen Design & Assets

Design Specifications:

Building The App

The technical requirements for creating the app:

The Final Product

The source code is deployed to GitHub, a platform for hosting, collaborating, and version control. Take a look at the code here.

Challenges Faced

This was my first venture into the world of React Native, and with it came a new steep learning curve. Nevertheless, thanks to my consolidated previous experience with React, I quickly adapted to this framework and the challenges that it posed. The biggest issue I had with this project was having patience while working with, an Apple phone, and a very slow, RAM-consuming Android emulator. What worked on iOS didn´t mean it was necessarily going to work on Android, and vice-versa, which meant endless double-checking on both systems, and me learning the true meaning of "patience is a virtue".